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A few words about us
Our promise to you is that you will be treated like family at our clinic. Each patient and your specific condition is important to us and we will focus on helping you be successful in your rehab. We work closely with the physicians in the community should you need any other specialists to assist with your care.
What we do
We understand your lifestyle because we live it! We believe in developing self-efficacy in our patients so that when you are on your own you will have confidence in how to stay strong and prevent future problems. We accept most insurance plans and will help you understand your insurance benefits.
Our skills
We specialize in musculoskeletal issues including spine care, knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, etc. We also provide care for women's health issues, including pre- and post-natal exercise, obstetric and postpartum recovery. We will spend time to assess your injury and then develop a plan of care to facilitate your healing.
How to find us
We've moved into a single, larger facility at 1794 Olympic Parkway to better accommodate our patients. Our new facility contains a SwimEx aquatic therapy pool that allows the best aquatic rehab available.
Our team

(L-R) Front Row: Michelle Smith, Preston Hall, Kathy Bochnowski
Back Row: Stacy McCooey, Ryan Voss, Shaun Adams, Becky May

(L-R) Front Row: Dani Debenham, Chelsea Rinde, Mandy Antinori
Back Row: Sonja Taylor, Kayci North, Brittany Gubler, Aimee Raposo, McKayla Atack, Dymond Unutoa