Physical Therapy


Personal Training

Get an individualized workout, one on one attention, and the motivation and education you need in a trainer in order to reach your goals.

Clinical Sports Massage

Massage therapy involving site specific work of the soft tissues through a variety of techniques and movements.  Clinical sports massage is intended to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes after an injury, workout, or surgery.

Active Release Technique (ART)

ART is a soft tissue technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.  Focus is on scar tissue and adhesions that form due to acute or chronic injury.  ART is site specific, and treatment consists of precisely directed tension with specific patient movements.

Kinetic Chain Assessment

The aim of the Kinetic Chain Assessment is to gather baseline data on clients’ orthopedic and neuromuscular status.  Underlying factors could be causing lack of progress and persistent complaints of pain, stiffness and/or weakness.  Components may include postural analysis, functional movement screen, muscle testing, range of motion and muscle length assessment.

Corrective Exercise

Program begins with the Kinetic Chain Assessment and injury history.  Information from the assessment will be used to implement an individualized first stage program to correct weak links.  Program can entail strategies to improve postural distortion, enhance muscle activation and strength, correct flexibility imbalances and core stability deficits.

Youth Strength & Conditioning

This well-rounded, cutting edge program implements a safe, competitive, fun, and educational training prescription to allow the young athlete to improve his/her overall athletic performance and decrease injury potential.  Progressions will be from foundation training to sports specific applications.  All programs will be in a group training environment to promote camaraderie and team building.

Fitness & Performance Testing

Various tests utilized to determine clients’ baseline levels and to monitor continued improvements with emphasis on health, fitness, and performance.

Elite Strength & Conditioning

This customized training program gives you an opportunity to take your skills to the next level.  Program includes dynamic warm-up, pre-habilitation, core stabilization, power development, strength component, speed training, agility, and recovery/regeneration.  Major emphasis is placed on education in every athletes’ program.

Performance Stretching

Performance stretching is a scientifically based stretching program used to enhance athletic performance, increase the body’s recovery post-workout and prevent chronic or acute injuries.  Performance stretching may include static stretching, foam rolling, active isolated stretching, neuromuscular stretching (PNF) and dynamic stretching.


The fusion of practices used to give our clients the optimum results.