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Helen Golden

Helen Golden’s dynamic background in fitness spans over 20 years. She shares her expertise and passion for wellness and fitness with people from from 2 to 82 years old, working with a broad spectrum of clients from those who may be battling ailments to elite Olympic athletes. Her certifications include Personal training, Pilates, Spinning, Yoga, TRX, group exercise and coaching. Helen is known for combining these various disciplines to create challenging, effective regimens customized for each client. But she most enjoys practicing Pilates for the functional and mental conditioning it provides for a sustainable quality of life. She’s been practicing Pilates as a professional since 1998.


Why Pilates?

Change happens through movement and movement heals,” Joseph Pilates.

Often, our perception of how we move throughout our daily life is not reality. Pilates and the use of the Reformer is a phenomenal tool in which the client learns body awareness while strengthening core stabilizing muscles, lengthening the body and aligning the spine. This foundation of stability will enable the individual to move with power and coordination, optimizing personal performance. Pilates is accessible and valuable to people of all abilities. The benefits of increased mobility, strength and balance will generate fluid movements and reduce risk of future injury.


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